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Best Seller!! Laundry Day Fragrance Candle

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Laundry Day Candle is the perfect way to bring the sensation of freshly laundered linens into any room! This cozy, pure scent will provide a sense of relaxation and contentment while also ridding the air of any unpleasant odors. Light it up on any day for an added touch of freshness and enjoy the stronger, cleaner scent delivered by its hand-poured soy blended wax. Now, let's get your laundry day started!

Place 9oz candles in a small to medium spaces and l6oz candles in medium to large rooms.

apply 1 wax melt for smaller rooms and 2 or more wax melts for larger rooms or more desired fragrance.

9oz burn time 30-40 hours

16oz burn time 60-84 hours